Team Building: Corporate Division Gauteng

S.W.A.T Corporate Groups Laser Tag Team Building designed for Adults.

Team Building by Design

S.W.A.T. Laser Tag would like to Host your next Team Building Event at our Sandton Venue!

  • SWAT will provide your Barracks or Army Tent, Tables, Chairs and a Braai facility is available
  • The venue is self-catering or SWAT can suggest a spit braai caterer
  • This during the week is available for the entire day (08h00 – 18h00), providing ample opportunity for a blue-sky meeting session if you wish
  • Groups of between 10 and 100 are accommodated
  • We are Mobile and if your premises provide a suitable Battleground we will come to you
  • The Laser Tag equipment we use is of excellent quality and is perfect for the corporate audience (NO plastic toy guns)
  • In terms of game play for those players who do not wish to be overly active SWAT suggests that they let the gun do the work or alternatively they may assume the Field Marshall role of Team Motivator, Battle Planner and / or Chief Instigator
  • SWAT Corporate is designed for the corporate market and is a fun and competitive Team Building Event

Corporate Group Packages.

SWAT Corporate Laser Tag designed for adults is a safe, fun game of strategy and skill that encourages team work, communication and creative thinking. SWAT Laser Tag has structured events specific to team building exercises that comprise all the elements required for a successful team building day out.
Our laser tag equipment uses the very latest in cutting edge infra-red technology which means that the guns don’t lie, the guns are accurate, they keep score, you will know when you have hit the target and you will know when and by whom you have been hit.

If developing positive camaraderie, building morale, overcoming obstacles, instigating good communication skills and working together as a team towards a common goal is what you desire to achieve through your team build event, then SWAT Laser Tag will provide you with the necessary environment to get your team working together.

Corporate Laser Tag is a game of strategy, team work and communication where to outwit is to outplay and the end goal is domination through strategy, sound tactics and good communication. In this game if you do not work together as a team you will not and can not achieve your desired result.

On the day each team and team member will participate in a round robin team combat tournament, as well as in a team interactive target shooting relay, where accumulated points throughout the day will determine who plays who in the final rounds of the Corporate S.W.A.T Laser Tag challenge.

All of this is offered on a platform that does not involve any physical pain of any kind, which makes it suitable for all from the adrenaline seeking maverick salesman to the girl Friday.

Upon arrival for the Corporate Laser Tag #Teambuilding event the teams will be briefed on how to use the laser tag equipment safely and effectively, as well as an explanation on what laser tag game formats will be played and what objectives there are for the Corporate S.W.A.T Laser Tag team build event.

Time will be made available before each SWAT objective for teams to plan a sound strategy and decide on suitable tactics for each objective.
When players work well together in our arena they will work better together in the work arena.

P.S. Random but balanced teams are recommended and encouraged!

You are more than Welcome to Join S.W.A.T. for our Classic Hit and Run Package specifically designed for groups who would like to join S.W.A.T. for Teambuilding but would like to make their own catering arrangements at our venue or elsewhere.